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Add your data into the spreadsheet panel.
You can also copy it from excel Or any spreadsheet.

Customize The Chart

Modify Chart Type,Colors,Texts,Fonts,border,background,line style,axies,legend...

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Save Your Chart as image or as web page (animated) Or Save online to access from everywhere Or Share with Friends.

Chart Types

Line chart

Area chart

Bar chart

Pie Chart

Pie chart

Polar Area Chart

Polar Area chart


Doughnut chart

Radar Chart

Radar chart

Step Chart

Step chart

Stacked Bar chart

Live Preview

Easily Create a chart from your data.

Customization options

Colors,Margins,Texts,Legend, Fonts,Gradients....

Save Charts Online

Access from anywhere,Or use as Template

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Ready to Use LiveGap Charts

What Bloggers say

Tim Rylands


Thank you to Omar Sedki, for the nudge towards https://livegap.com/charts/ to make simple, but superb, online graphs, with a live preview as you change data.
Create a line chart, bar chart, or radar chart, and then edit it in “real time”.

Richard Byrne


When you or your students just need to quickly generate a chart to use in a slide or share in a blog post. LiveGap Charts Builder will let you and your students quickly generate charts from simple data sets.