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Need To Create Pictographs “pictograms are charts in which icons represent numbers to make it more interesting and easier to understand. A key is often included to indicate what each icon represents. All icons must be of the same size, but a fraction of an icon can be used to show the respective fraction of that amount” from Wikipedia Try Livegap Icon Matrix : free online tool that enables anyone to create icon array ( Read more…

Bar chart

Hand-Drawn Charts

Everybody loves freehand drawing.  A sketchy, hand-drawn-like chart in a report  look beautiful. Now you can simulate hand-drawings  chart in livegap  To look like it was drawing by hand. Only actived the FreeHand  option tab and you chart will be sketchy.       Here same example created with it:       Usage: Stroke Roughness : Numerical value indicating how rough the Stroke is.  0 would be a perfect Line. Default value is 1. Read more…

Livegap Charts
How to make text multi line ?

Sometimes in your Charts  you need to make Text  in more than one line ,this is what the \n element is used . To  make the title for the chart in 2 line,change the title from  Chart Title   to Chart \nTitle you can also  make the chart labels or legend multi line. ex:  16\nDecember\n2016 . it will render on three line. like this: 16 December 2016